The beautiful town of Asheville, nestled in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and noted primarily for its beer and bohemian atmosphere, now boasts a burgeoning contribution to American roots music in the name of Andrew Wakefield. Growing up in a musical family with a religious background, Andrew gained his first vocal experience singing hymns with family and in church choirs. That same passionate feeling within himself has prompted Andrew's emotional singing power and style throughout his life. 

After leaving home at the age of sixteen he spent years honing his guitar craft and living a gypsy life of travel, adventure seeking, and soul searching(with a few bumps along the way). In 2020 Andrew landed a coveted weekly performance with the house band at Jack of the Wood, an Asheville bluegrass institution. Soon after he joined The Well Drinkers, a progressive bluegrass band based in the area. 

Performing and touring relentlessly with these acts eventually gave Andrew the confidence to step into the limelight with his own songs and unique style, and the Andrew Wakefield solo project was born. 

Catch Andrew at Jack of the Wood in downtown Asheville every Sunday 1-3pm with the Bluegrass Brunch Boys!